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Oscar was found in a dumpster at the Manitowoc GoodWill store. He came to our program as a kitten. He was in foster care for 3 years. Because he was a shy kitten, he was always overlooked. He finally connected with someone who didn’t mind a short adjustment period.

In the stories from The Chronicles of Narnia, a portal provides the children with a route which with they can access a different land. That portal only remains open so long and then it closes. If they haven’t moved through the portal when it’s open, they are unable to travel into this different land or back into their own time.

Our Roamers also travel through a portal. The portal into a forever home is open for kittens only for a short while. It remains open until they are no longer kittens. When they get older and that portal closes their chances of being adopted into a forever home get much slimmer. The portal is now open for the following kittens – Blu, Tiny, Cringle, and one of the dilute calicos. The portal has closed for some of our Roamers who came to the Program as kittens and now are young adults. Once closed, their chance for a forever home is greatly reduced.

Oscar came into the Roamer Program over 3 years ago. He was found as a tiny kitten in the compactor at Goodwill. He was our longest foster and his portal has been closed for quite a while. He was then adopted to someone who didn’t mind that he was no longer a kitten.

Casey was over 2 years old. He was born in foster care to a country drop off. He’s a big, lovable guy, and finally found a forever home.

Petra was in the Program for two years. She was found living off scraps at a campground. The campground owners told us that if we hadn’t taken her into the program, she probably would have frozen to death the following winter.

A feral mom gave birth to Curly shortly after she had been brought to the Roamer Program about three years ago. He has spent his entire life in foster care. He also, now has a forever home.

There are others. Ravi, Winnie, and Blossom came to the Program as kittens. Ravi and Winnie have been with us for 3 years. Blossom has been in foster care for over a year. Their portals have closed. Please consider reopening a portal for one of our long term fosters by adopting one of these Roamers.

We are a foster –based program. We can only take in felines in need if there is room for them at the inn.

Also, please remember our adoption procedure – an adoption approval form has to be completed and returned before a meet and greet is arranged.
Kathy Beer, for the Free Roamers

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