The Story of Tea Cup Gracie

Tea Cup Gracie got her name because she was so tiny she could fit into a teacup and she is here only by the Grace of God. Tea Cup Gracie was in a farm field north of Two Rivers with her mother and siblings. Large machinery was in the field that day and the mother cat and her litter were “in the way.” The mom and Tea Cup Gracie were the only ones to survive.

However, Gracie had been injured by the machinery and needed immediate medical attention. She was taken to Dr. Katz in Two Rivers and treated. Antibiotics were given to address her open wounds which were uniform on both sides of her body. One of her front paws had been badly injured but it was decided to wait and see whether or not it would have to be amputated. She was hospitalized and during that time, her other injuries were cared for. It was finally decided that the amputation was necessary. It was done almost a week after the accident.

Gracie came through the surgery very well. Gracie still maintained a positive attitude throughout all of this. She was taken home at night and on weekends by clinic staff because her kitten’s desire to play was not helping her wounds heal. Tea Cup Gracie was brought into the Roamer Program the minute we heard about her accident. Gracie is a survivor and deserves whatever care she needs to enjoy a long feline life.

Donations help Roamers like Gracie. We have lots of felines to help. Our program is not just about sterilization and vaccination. It’s about providing help and assistance to any felines that are not born with a golden spoon in their mouth and are looked upon as disposable commodities. The other sad part about her story – her mom was a country drop off – someone’s one time housecat that was no longer wanted. She showed up at a farm in early summer, became pregnant and lost her entire litter, except for Gracie. About a week after Gracie’s accident, her mom was killed on a country road. None of this had to happen.

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