2012 – The Roamer Program was working with the MPD to TNR the many street felines that live in Manitowoc. Savanna was hanging out in the 8th Street area. She was producing kittens as often as she was able and her kittens were predominantly black in color, like Savanna. The kittens were live-trapped, sterilized, and relocated with outdoor caregivers. A pg Savanna went into foster care. She had 5 kittens – all black in color. They were adopted to indoor situations. I remember a couple of their names – Curly. Moe plus 3 others. Savanna remained in foster care. She came in feral and her nature didn’t change too much when she was indoors. She also got adopted to someone who enjoyed her kind of cat and lived and indoor-outdoor life.

During the last eight years, she developed a tumor on one of her legs, It was not malignant, but it came back several times and each time it was surgically removed. She finally had to undergo a leg amputation because the surgeries were taking a toll on that part of her body. She now lived indoors, so it was no problem. The Roamer crew was recently contacted by her “forever” mom and we were told that she is moving and cannot take Savanna with. We need a long-term foster to step forward and help Savanna. She is now indoors, likes other cats and dogs and co-exists with people. If you are interested in Savanna, click here to fill out an adoption application.

Please think about helping Savanna.
—Kathy, for the Free Roamers

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