This is Peeps, one of our long term foster adoptables.  Most felines with her coat color are male.  She is a female.  She came into the Program as a kitten on  a very cold spring day.  She was dumped at a service station and found her way into the Roamer Program.  She was a young kitten and had the misfortune of encountering a FIV positive feline when she was out and about.  FIV is not a death sentence and it is greatly misunderstood.  FIV positive cats can live long, happy, lives as a single feline or in a multiple cat household.  Click here for info on FIV

FIV is often confused with FIP or Feline Leukemia.  Please consider adopting Peeps.  Roamer foster care is fine, but it’s still not a forever home.  Peeps is a sweet girl and needs forever parents.  Please consider sharing your home with her.  She’s been waiting a long time for a home of her own.

We have 5 long term fosters.  They will be featured on the website in the upcoming weeks. 

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