A Note on “Dumped” Felines

The Roamer Program has taken in 4 “dumped” felines within the last 6 weeks. These felines are all friendly and at some point in their previous lives, have been indoor felines. One of the felines found in a yard gave birth to 4 kittens the same day she was found. Last week, Beetlejuice, a former Roamer was found “roaming’ the streets of Manitowoc. He was adopted to a local family about 2 years ago. His former residence is now boarded up and the previous parent left no forwarding information. Beetle Juice has been one of our program elites. Good looking with a loving personality, he settled in with his previous foster dad without a hitch. He is available for adoption.

Today, a cat was hit by a car and sustained a head injury. We call him Onyx. He is not a young feline and was brought to the Two Rivers Clinic, covered with mud and dirt. He is on fluids and clinic staff was successful in bringing his body temperature back to normal. He has no microchip and is not neutered. He needs TLC. He is a lucky guy because the lady who found him has adopted from the Program and she knew whom to contact.

This is what the Roamer Program deals with. To do this, we need concerned individuals interested in feline well being. Onyx needs medical care and he will need a foster parent when he is released from the clinic. Please consider fostering Onyx, If you’d like to donate to his medical care, please leave the donation at the Two Rivers Veterinary Clinic.

Kathy Beer, for the Free Roamers

Beetlejuice | Free Roaming Feline Program Ltd.
Beetlejuice, a loving male tabby, was abandoned by his former owners, and needs a loving home.

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