Due to the reorganization of our website (www.freeroamingfelineprogram.org) some of our new kids have not yet made an appearance. Willow and Theo have their pics on our Facebook. However, we would also like to introduce Mr. Smurff, Peeps, and a new girl who just came in, whose identity is under investigation. Sadly, all 5 new kids are Roamers who were abandoned.

Willow and Theo found their way into someone’s backyard. We were called and now these two unwanted felines are in the Program. I’m told they are super sweet. I have the distinct pleasure of fostering Mr. Smurff. He was so dehydrated and run down from malnutrition when he came to us; the people who rescued him thought he was a kitten. He is really an elderly gent, thought to be about 10 years old. He’s a very distinguished gentleman and if he were a person, he would be wearing a top hat, spectacles, and walking with a cane (slightly arthritic in his rear legs). However, he’s very social, good with the other foster Roamers, and has got it together. He is a fire red tabby with classic tabby markings. Cool dude!

Peeps – This little girl (barely out of kitten hood) was abandoned at an area gas station, is also red with white paws. She’s a doll and loves life. She has forgotten all about her abandonment and is now thriving and enjoying life.

Our 5th new Roamer is a dilute calico, a sweetheart, who seems to have been left on her own when her owner moved from the area.

Pics will be forthcoming.
—Kathy Beer