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How To Adopt a Kitten or Cat from our Rescue

We are a foster-based rescue group, which means we don't have a shelter/building open to the public. All adoptable cats and kittens live in loving foster homes in the Manitowoc area. We ask that you please fill out an adoption application and submit to us before requesting a Meet and Greet. Click here to see our adoptable kittens and cats.

Please send the completed application to

Allow 2-7 business days for our volunteers to process your application. Please call your vet clinic and the three references you list on the application to let them know we will be contacting them.

Even if you don't see a feline you want to adopt now, you are welcome to send us an adoption application and we'll keep it on file for six months.

We do not use a first-come, first-serve adoption process and we decide who is going to be the best match for each feline. The process is intended to ensure a best-fit, long-term successful adoption for both the family and the feline. We do not do same-day adoptions.

Adoption fee for a cat or kitten is a $60 tax-deductible donation. We accept cash, check, PayPal or credit card. Please note, the $60 adoption fee only covers a small portion of the costs we spend on each cat or kitten in our care. We often spend at least 3 times the adoption fee on the cat or kitten before putting them up for adoption. We are completely volunteer run and donation supported. Any additional donation is greatly appreciated.

All adoptable cats have been spayed or neutered, are current on Rabies (if at least 4 pounds in weight) and distemper vaccinations, have had a private veterinary exam, and have a HomeAgain microchip for identification, plus 30 days of free PetFirst health insurance (please click on link at bottom of the page for information about how to activate the free health insurance). Kittens and cats receive deworming medication, as well as ear mite treatment and/or flea treatment if necessary.

To begin the adoption process, please fill out an Adoption Application. Once you have completed an application, please email to

Additional information:

• You must be at least 21 years old to adopt.
• Please have formal identification with photo.
• The entire family must be in agreement concerning this adoption.
• You agree that you are not adopting this feline as a gift or for someone else.
• You agree the adopted feline will not be given away or sold. If for any reason you have to give up the feline you adopt from us, you agree that it will be returned to the Free Roaming Feline Program.
• Must have at least six (6) months residency at current address.
• You must bring a secure cat carrier when picking up your adopted feline.
• Your adoption fee to the Free Roaming Feline Program is a donation and is nonrefundable.
• Understand that we reserve the right to refuse any adoption.

A Pet-Lover’s Guide to Adopting a Cat

Click for more helpful information and tips on adoption.

30 Days of FREE Pet Insurance With Your Adoption

All adoptions from the Free Roaming Feline Program includes 30-days of pet insurance from PetFirst. You must call 855-710-7387 in order to activate the insurance, so please don’t wait.

Your 30-day pet insurance covers your pets for accidents and illnesses, and reimburses 100% of vet bills incurred during this time up to $500 per incident after a $50 deductible. It is effective at midnight EST following activation and is not retroactive to the date of your adoption, so call as soon as possible to ensure your pet is protected.

PetFirst allows you to extend or upgrade your feline’s coverage with affordable monthly payments.

Call 855-710-7387 to activate your coverage or discuss plan options. Click here for more information on PetFirst free pet insurance.

Important Information about your cat's HomeAgain Microchip

Every cat and kitten adopted from the Free Roaming Feline Program is microchipped for identification purposes.

Please contact HomeAgain to register your contact information. The cost is $10.99 and you will need a credit card when you call or register online. Once your pet is registered your information is stored for life. There are no annual fees.

To register online click on this link:

or call 866-802-5650

You will need to provide our shelter ID: WI453

Please remember, if your cat's microchip is not registered, your cat is not protected.

And without proper ID, 90% of pets never return home.

Ready to Adopt?

Print your Feline Adoption Application. Follow the instructions to apply.


Adopting a Kitten?

Make it a Double!

"If you’re thinking about bringing a kitten into your life, there are many reasons why you should actually consider doubling that and bringing home a pair. Yes, think two instead of one. Starting off with two may actually be much easier and more beneficial… for the kittens and for you."

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PetSmart Feline Adoption Kit
Free Adoption Kit

All adopted cats and kittens receive a New Adopter Kit from PetSmart with up to $190 in coupon savings, including free food and litter.

Free Companion Care Pack

All new adopters receive a free New Companion Care Pack from Petco.  Care Pack includes more than $100 in coupons for nutrition, toys, grooming products, cleaning supplies and more.