Free Roaming Feline Program Welcomes Five Newborn Kittens

5 newbie kittens were lucky enough to be born in the Roamer Program after their mom was live trapped in a back yard. The mom was about ready to deliver. Instead of growing up feral in a back yard, with continual threats from predators, both 2 legged and 4 legged, these kittens and their mom are enjoying the comfort and safeness of one of the clinics that works with the program.

They are only a couple weeks old and won’t be available for adoption for at least another month. They are not accepting any visitors at this time. They will go into foster care when they are eating on their own and we will put that contact information on the website and Facebook when they have settled in at their foster home.

Kathy Beer
Free Roaming Feline Program
(920) 686.8899

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