Cassie – The Intrepid Grey Barn Cat

I first heard about the Free Roaming Feline Program through my daughter Katie. We were talking about adopting a second cat for our home and she suggested we contact Kathy Beer because is a no-kill foster organization. After reviewing the adoptable felines we fell in love with Cassie, a striped grey kitten located at a foster farmhouse just south of Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

It became very clear to me after speaking with Kathy, that she genuinely cares about finding the absolute best match for foster-raised felines. There is a lengthy screening process. Cassie had been up for adoption since mid-summer 2016 and had yet to find a family that made the cut. We reviewed and then filled out the paperwork. Kathy was adamant about not declawing. We found out that this was the reason Cassie had not found her forever home yet, as three other families were insistent on declawing. After our adoption request was approved, we met Cassie’s foster mom who was wonderful to speak with. Her daughter raised and socialized Cassie along with other kittens from her farm. They both were very attached to Cassie and found it hard to let her go — but they knew she would have a great home.

We couldn’t have made a better decision. Cassie is 9-months old and has a ton of energy. She is super-talkative, very inquisitive and loves an adventure. She most enjoys engaging with our other cat Sophie, a ten-year old black shorthair, and our elderly Pug, Mac.

I would highly recommend speaking with Kathy on adopting a foster feline. She runs a wonderful program and her rescue efforts truly make a positive impact for feral felines in need.

—Mike and Katie B., Manitowoc

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