Bullied Roamers in need of solo adoption situations

Sam and Onyx are victims of feline bullying. It is our task to find each of them a forever home where no other felines abide. Both love people and dogs are OK. But felines are a definite “no.” We’ve had others like them in the Program. Placement is always a challenge. But solo situations do exist. It’s just a bit more difficult to find them because most feline fanciers have more than just one feline in residence.

These guys were out and about. While roaming, they endured the wrath of those felines who walk on the wild side. We know that Sam was victimized because his family jewels did not descend like those of other felines. So he by-passed the neuter surgery because it was thought that he was already neutered. He had been an outdoor feline and was re-released in the area where he was found. This is when his troubles started. He could not refuse numerous invitations for prize fighting. He was never the victor and his caregiver brought him to a program veterinarian who took care of his wounds and brought him back to health. However, he was not re-released into the outdoors,, but took up residence in a foster home. His animosity to other felines surfaced quickly and he had to be confined to a room and often crated to “keep the peace” in the foster home. When his jowls remained swollen and puffy, it was determined that some exploration should be done to find the missing jewels. It was found that they never descended, causing his macho male habits. Sam came back to foster care, but he is not able to be with other felines.

A Roamer supporter saw Onyx bounce off a car and brought him to the Program. Upon first encounter with clinic staff, he seemed feral and was quite hesitant to be touched, handled, by people. It was further determined that, he too, had been a prize fighter. He had numerous wounds and scars on his body form his days in the ring and had come to dislike contact with other felines. He did not eat or drink for several days and it was feared a feeding tube would have to be inserted for fluids and nourishment. We were hoping he’d eat and drink on his own before the procedure would be necessary. He did. The better he started to feel, the more he wanted to be handled and carried about by clinic staff. When he was given the OK to go into foster care, we realized he had problems co-existing with other felines. He, like Sam, had been the victim of bullying. Both Sam and Onyx need forever homes. They need to find a spot where they are king and do not have to co-exist with other felines. Please pass the word! If you can adopt just one feline, please consider adopting Sam or Onyx. Contact us today if interested. Thank you.

—Kathy Beer, for the Roamers

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