What does a Roamer have in common with a homeless person?

Both have no home and live on the streets.
Both have lost their home through no fault of their own.

With a homeless person –
Perhaps a company closed and a job was lost.
Perhaps a company downsized and positions were eliminated.
Perhaps an illness caused economic hardship.

With a Free Roamer –
Once again, job loss meant reduced or no income.
Perhaps a new marriage or a new child brought about an attitude change concerning the Roamer.
Perhaps a petite kitten grew to adulthood and was no longer cute and cuddly.
Perhaps a new job meant relocation.

Both are avoided and frowned upon.

How do a homeless person and a Roamer differ?
Through church groups, the Habitat for Humanity, and organizations like the Salvation Army, there are many programs to assist the homeless.

Programs to help the Free Roamers are just starting.
You have helped a Free Roamer

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